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Note: Sadly Spiral Modular is not under active development and hasn't been for some time. I'm busy on other projects now, and ssm lives on as the core of this. Otherwise, Om synth has a similar methodology to ssm, but has a more modern design and is under active development.


SpiralSynth Modular is an object orientated music studio with an emphasis on live use. You can use it in a fairly straight forward way to make tracks with, or get very experimental. Audio or control data can be freely passed between the plugins. Data can also be fed back on itself for chaotic effects.

SSM supports LADSPA plugins, which you can use in the same way as any of the native plugins. The JACK audio server is also supported.

SSM is a collaborative open source project, see the AUTHORS file for an extensive list of contributors.
This project is released under the terms and restrictions of the GPL license.

Either email me [dave at pawfal dot org] or preferably join up with the user or developer mailing lists
Please log bugs on the sourceforge bug list
Also, see the ssm wiki page at pawfal.

Screenshot of ssm
Download instructions:

LADSPA plugin api
widget set

IMPORTANT Make sure fltk is configured with --enable-shared (I think this is on with the RPM version anyway) If you can't get plugin windows to appear in the main window, or crashes when the GUI is started this is the problem.

To build and install, simply do the regular:
make install

Download from the sourceforge files page

Source and binary RPM's availible thanks to Planet CCRMA

If you want the cutting edge, then the version in the sourceforge CVS may be for you.

All recorded straight out of SSM with it's built in disk writer.

Simple patch playing a piano sample through LADSPA's freeverb plugin:
A bassline pattern from the matrix plugin:
Section from a track with plenty of different sounds:
Another track with a lot of effects and processing going on:

More ssm oggs availible here

The noize farm
The noize farm is a little place for people to openly share and modify each others ssm (and other apps) patches in the spirit of the GPL. Use it to get more example patches and songs

LADSPA plugins
JACK Audio Connection Kit
Linux Sound and Midi Pages
Synth Museum

Music Machines

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