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Music Intellegence is a collection of plugins for SSM that use artificial life to create patterns for generating innovative music.
Built with 0.1.0b2 version of SSM.

For more information on artificial life, see the links section.

plugin list

clcvgen : Conway life CV gen
cagranu : Sample granulator.
poptone : Tone generator driven by population growth dynamics.
neuront : Evolvable neural network.
lsyspat : Pattern generator using L systems.


Inputs: Note CV, Trigger CV
Outputs: Note CV, Trigger CV

Breeds lsystem rules to create patterns of notes. Uses the same code that generated the images on this page.

E emties the population, @ evolves the selected pattern into the other 3 slots, + grows the lsystems for a generation. S sets the speed, M the mutation rate.
The plugin can be triggered by an extenal input, and the base note set with the note CV input (default is middle C)

Notation/Instruction set

+ : Up one semitone
- : Down one semitone
O : Note on
o : Note off
! : Reset to root note
. : NOP
0..9 : Replacement token



Inputs: 8 neural inputs
Outputs: 8 neural outputs

A breeder for neural nets. Freeform architecture (bred with artificial evolution) allows recurrent links between neurons. 17 sigmoid neurons, 8 inputs and 8 outputs.

M Sets mutation rate
@ Breeds the nets
E Fills the population with random nets



Inputs: Restart[pattern],Speed.
Outputs: X CV, Y CV

Runs CA simulations using conway's life rules on a 16X16 grid. Starting patterns can be recorded by the user, or may be random. The outputs map to the X and Y positions of the cells.