PS2 homebrew #2

Once you have a system for running unauthorised code, you can test it with some well used homebrew – I used uLaunchElf for this purpose. Using swapmagic you need to put the executable on your usb stick called SWAPMAGIC/SWAPMAGIC.ELF and it should boot automatically. Not all usb sticks work, I had to try a few before I found a suitable one.

The next task is installing the toolchain of compilers and related utilities for making your own executables. At this point I found that the ps2dev site was offline along with it’s svn repo, but I managed to find a backup here, which I am now mirroring here. When you have the svn repo recreated, follow the instructions in ps2dev/trunk/ps2toolchain/readme.txt to build and install, you just need to set up some paths to tell it where to install (I use ~/opt) and run a script. The script tries to update from the unresponsive official svn, so I also had to change ps2toolchain/scripts/ to get it to complete.

You get a load of sample code in ps2dev/ps2sdk/samples, all you need to do is run make to build them. Just as with the Nintendo DS and Android devices, the compiler is gcc – or rather “ee-gcc”. “ee” stands for the Emotion Engine, Sony’s name for the main MIPS processor.

The result of the make command in the exciting screenshot above is a file called “cube.elf”. ELF stands for Executable and Linkable Format, a unix standard (debugging variants used to be called DWARFs “Debugging With Attributed Record Formats”, I make no comment).

Copy this to your USB stick and you should see something like this:

2 thoughts on “PS2 homebrew #2

  1. hi i am interesting in making a ps 2games so ican play it again i have all the tools that i will need to make a game but i am not a programer can you help not to show me how to program no but i want you just to show me how to setup the tools

  2. Hi Tossen,

    Starting with PS2 would be a bit of a jump into the deep end with programming if you’ve not tried it before.

    I’d recommend starting with something like and getting a grip with that – or indeed if you want to learn 3D programming.

    Having said that I think teaching programming with PS2 would be amazing and quite feasible – sadly I don’t have the time or resources to get that sort of thing together (at the moment) :)



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