Little J

little-j-roundel+text Little J is a research project to explore citizen journalism, and find ways to use technology to connect journalists working on local news (an industry currently under threat) with the public, grouped under the term “hyperlocal news”. This is a project between REACT (Research & Enterprise in Arts & Creative Technology) and Behaviour (a psychological creative agency based in Cornwall) and is focused on the communities in and around Port Talbot in Wales as a test bed for a series of events.

The project is a great chance to explore Ushahidi more deeply, after using it for borrowed scenery and halfway through working on doris we can start looking at adding new features. I’ve started by setting up a test site to fiddle with and we are now focusing on creating a wide range of methods for people to get their stories into the site and into the hands of the journalists as we can. The obvious place to start is a facebook app, and looking at ways to integrate social media with the database of stories and do it in a way that encourages some good information. Another area to explore are mechanisms for encouraging people who are specialists in specific areas to be represented by new kinds of reputation systems. As a prototype we will be covering a lot of ground quickly, finding what works best for future development.

You can read more about this on Behaviour’s site and on the REACT blog.

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