David Griffiths is an award winning game designer, programmer and
livecoding performer. In 2014 he co-founded of Foam Kernow, where he
works on combining science and art, making citizen science games for
large audiences and developing appropriate technology for ecological and
conservation applications, winning the 2014 Soil Association innovation
award for the “Farm Crap App”. He worked in senior professional roles in
software development and R&D in the games (Sony Europe) and film
computer graphics industry (Moving Picture Company) for 10 years, and
has credits on films including Troy and Kingdom of Heaven. Alongside
Aymeric Mansoux and Marloes de Valk he created the satirical Facebook
game Naked on Pluto which won the Telefonica Vida competition in 2011.
He worked for 4 years with Foam Brussels on the FP7 LIREC project, using
social AI research for an online game about permaculture. Since 2013 he
has lectured as associate professor of critical programming at the
Robert Schumann School of Music and Media in Düsseldorf. He performs
internationally with Alex McLean and Adrian Ward as “slub”, a livecoding
algorithmic rave group with appearances in Wired and on the BBC. David
also teaches primary school children, teenagers and school teachers
programming, Minecraft and electronics with the Raspberry Pi Foundation
and as part of UK Department of Education and European Social Fund
schemes in local schools and colleges in Devon and Cornwall.

Twitter, Gitorious, GitHub, Google Citations, PGP Public Key, DOGE: DF6hLEFLghJxGqg9m1KQmVW1N2nsmvqKS3 oh and email: dave@fo.am