Working with scientists

Projects concerned with arts/science crossover, outreach and solving visualisation problems.

Germination X is a project using massive multiplayer online games as a way of exploring people’s relationships with virtual agents. Used for research by the Swedish Institute for Computer Science, Mobile Life Lab, as part of the EU FP7 funded Lirec Project, as well as for outreach and public dissemination of the research.

Hapstar: A bioinformatics project working with Dr Amber Teacher (Helsinki University) to provide a tool for visualising haplotype networks for wildlife genetics research.

Processing and visualisation software for social foraging experiments by Dr Andrew King (ZSL London)

Face recognition for robotics: Working with Queen Mary University and INESC-ID (Portugal) to make robots recognise people and emotion (eigenfaces, PCA and particle filtering) – part of the EU FP7 funded Lirec Project.