2019 UPDATE: new git repository for source, fixed to build with Racket 7.4.


fluxus-0.17 OSX 10.5 (or later). If you experience problems when connecting to jack, please make sure to install Jack OSX version 0.85. On OSX 10.6 machines install the 32-bit version of JackOSX.

fluxus-0.16 OSX 10.4, copy the app to /Applications! Install Jack OSX version 0.81 for Tiger for sound input.


Binary version here:

Fluxus needs to be installed in “C:Program Files” in order to run. Please note the windows version is the game engine only, so no audio analysis, osc or sound synthesis is included yet (mostly due to lack of developer time, contact us if you can help).

Source code: fluxus-0.17rc5.tar.gz

Linux Packages


RPMs: here


You can use the PPA we have for fluxus on launchpad:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:fluxus-maintainers/stable
sudo apt-get install fluxus


To install on Arch type yaourt -S fluxus (thanks to Farid Abdelnour)


Fluxus is also available on some excellent bootable cd distros, such as Pure:dyne and Apodio. These can be useful for trying out before installing, and also recommended for workshops.

See also the pawfal wiki page for more packages.

Older versions here