Screenshots and videos

Corporate Crisis by Responsiple Game Studios (Rob Bothof & Kassen Oud)

An experiment in Fluxus that got a bit out of hand. Each player has a single button to control his catapult. The catapult is used to fire office equipment at the competitions’s headquarters across the street. Break down the opponent’s building before time runs out to win. The catch is that you can counter your opponent’s projectiles by shooting them, reflecting them back for extra damage.

We’re using MIDI with a custom interface, using a USB-board donated by Marije Baalman to hook up the controllers to the computer. Kassen wrote most of the code, Rob made most of the 3d models and build the controllers.(and the end credit music is his)



(b)AR is an augmented reality game prototype developed in Kitchen Budapest, an interactive music installation designed to be used in pubs and parties. AR markers are attached to the bottom of the drinks received, which are turned to musical instruments while drinking.

Groworld experiments

Investigating the intersection of gardening and games with FoAM. Fluxus was used for rapid prototyping games for the groworld project. Experiments included danceable plants, looking through a plant’s eyes and linking real plants to a game world.

Planetarium Livecoding

A slub performance alongside the WrongHeads with the support of Plymouth Immersive Vision Theatre and TOPLAP UK.

Building Projection

Fluxus was on of the programs used to do the first ever building projections in Helsinki, at the kansallisteatteri urban projection lab at Pixelache2010.

Al Jazari

A gamepad livecoding performance and installation.

Scheme Bricks

A livecoding project experimenting with visual programming of scheme to make techno music.

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