hac is part of the PULSE Fringe Festival in Ipswich:

hac brings together local, national and international artists working in the intersection of technology, science and the arts. The concert features performances which utilise wearable computing, live coding, hacking, DIY electronics, and digital performance. The performances are multidisciplinary and innovative, searching for new ways of engaging the audience and artist through computer code, wearable technologies and homemade devices.

Phil Archer
Robert Atwood
John Bowers
Experiments with Light and Air
From Honey to Ashes (Mick Grierson, Matt Lewis, Jeremy Keenan and Edgar Curtis)
Ryan Jordan
Ed Kelly
Daniel Merrill
Martin Russ

Venue: The Chambers, Ipswich Town Hall, Suffolk.
Date: Thursday 12th June 2008
Cost: £5
Time: 7pm – 12 midnight