Openlab @ Winchester May 8 2009

Openlab are providing a day of workshops & presentations about opensource software, and performances in the evening in front of Winchester Cathedral in Winchester. There is a venerable lineup of OpenLab members providing some in depth knowledge during the day and some great performances at night.

CoMA, Contemporary Music for Amateurs, is joining us for exploration of music inspired by sculptures by Bridget Dumper, and may participate in Openlab member’s works where improvisation is intended.

The line up goes like this:

DAY: Workshops & Presentations


Understanding sound and music by programming computers, by S. Jagannathan
Rosegarden / Pd: Using musical sequencing software for audiovisual performance, by Rob Munro
CoMA: Contemporary music for amateurs
Human/Digital Interface and Noise, by Ryan


Android: Create powerful software for mobile phones, by Rob Munro
Processing: Simplified programming for audio and visual art, by Evan Raskob
PureData: Visual programming for sonic art, visuals, and more.
Building your own electronic sound machines using CMOS technology, by Ryan Jordan

Please email regarding workshops.

NIGHT: Performances : 7:00pm-10:30am (£2 entry) – doors 6:30pm

Rob Munro produces audiovisual work exploring the world between the obtrusive, commercialised space and the the sublime, quieter and introverted space of more pure art forms.
PixelPusher Evan Raskob is an Audio-Visual Architect working out of London (UK) and New York City (USA). Evan creates video and sound pieces; interactive art including new musical instruments; interactive physical spaces; visual performances (as PixelPusher).
Ryan Jordan Body-sensor-noise-strobe-hypnosis.
Rob Canning is a composer and media artist. His work focuses on finding a dialogue between algorithmic system based composition strategies and intuitive/improvised approaches.
ClaudiusMaximus explores the possibilities presented by higher-dimensional geometrical objects generating sound and images simultaneously.
The Canetoad Orchestra Free improvisation with Indian classical software, live recycled sound and violin. S. Jagannathan, R. Atwood, G. McEwan, and PixelPusher.
CoMA Contemporary Music ensemble with sculptures by Bridget Dumper.
… and more

You are all very welcome – see you there ….