June 2009

Co-Play: OpenLab Taipei’s first event

The freshly formed OpenLab Taipei is having it’s first event on Saturday. All the best from the London crew! :)


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Openlab Summer Workshops 2009 – 30 June 2009

This summer, Openlab, the London-based open source art and technology collective, presents a series of in-depth summer workshops exploring creating and hacking media using free software and tools.  Workshops will include both beginner and advanced instruction in such software as PureData, Processing, and SuperCollider, as well as using the microcontroller Arduino, general sound hardware hacking, and more.  For less than the cost of the cinema, you can gain some valuable skills using free software!

~=~=~=~Workshop #1~=~=~=~

When: Tuesday 30 June, from 6pm-11:30pm

Where: The Roebuck pub (upstairs room), 50 Great Dover Street, SE1 4YG
Nearest transport: 35, 133, 343, 21 buses, Borough Tube (Northern line)
About 8 minute walk from London Bridge Station (Northern and Jubilee tube, rail, and bus station: 48, 47, 149 buses)

Cost: £15 for the entire night, or per workshop (see below).
How to pay: At the door, or via Paypal to be guaranteed a space (limited to 30 people per workshop).  Please email workshop@pixelism.info to reserve a space in any workshop.

1) Introduction to SuperCollider with Dan Stowell – £10
SuperCollider is an incredible environment and programming language for music and audio. In this 2-hour introductory session we will get started with SuperCollider, using it for synthesis and digital signal processing, as well as creating musical patterns and generative audio.
All welcome, although some prior programming experience would definitely be helpful. Bring a laptop, and please install SuperCollider (latest version 3.3, ideally) on it beforehand.

2) Hardware Noise Hacking with Ryan Jordan – £5
Ryan Jordan, veteran noise artist and organizer of the successful NOISE==NOISE performance series presents an introduction to making sounds with basic circuitry.  All participants will be making sounds by the end of the 1-hr workshop. No previous experience required.

3) Processing for Visual Artists with Evan Raskob – £10
Processing is fast becoming the tool of choice for interactive artists and designers looking to add some visual complexity and user interaction to their work, from music videos to interactive kiosks and print graphics.  This 2-hour workshop is the first in a series of summer workshops, gently introducing Processing from the beginning and focusing on basic techniques for drawing on the screen.  No experience required. Please bring a laptop and download Processing prior to the workshop. Taught by lecturer and visual performance artist Evan Raskob.


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