OpenNight @ The Roebuck

OpenLab is having an OpenNight tomorrow 22nd October at the Roebuck. OpenNight is a series of performance nights  where people can come along and try out their new stuff in front of an audience, or just have a jam.

If you use Open Source software for your creations, then you are welcome to join this and future OpenNights – just add yourself on the wiki page.

Confirmed for the innaugural OpenNight is:

Rob Munro : PD+Processing (15min)
Jonny Stutters : (Probably) SuperCollider + Processing (~15mins or more or less schedule permitting)
Ryan Jordan : CMOS Synths + strobes + smoke + a mixer (10-15mins)
Chris McCormick : Generative acid in Pd (20 mins)
Cane Toad Orchestra: S Jagannathan, Evan Raskob, Geri McEwan?, Rob Atwood (20mins).
Sonnamble: Peter Marsh, Conor Curran – double bass + lap steel + improvised electronics (Pure Data on 64Studio with auxillary Python app)

Hope to catch you there.