Next OpenNight – 11 February 2010 @ the Fleapit

The next opennight will be on the 11 february at the Fleapit (event page) on columbia road. Thanks heap to Martin for finding it and Paul @ the fleapit for leting us use it, it is ticketed for the mere price of a beer :)

As usual, if you would like to join in the feel free.The wiki page is:

Open night is a night of performances where people can come along and try out their new open-source based creations in front of an audience, or just have a jam (e.g. wife swap, etc). Anyone is free to join in – just add your name on the list below or get in contact on the mailing list or send us a mail to rrmunro at gmail.

Performances can be from 10-25min, they can be work in progress or finished pieces, or just anything you want to play in front of an audience. It good to know how long they will be so we can fit as many in as possible

We can match audio and video people together as needed, so if you just do audio or video but not both then still feel free.