Opennight #6 – Weds, 16th June, Bethnel Green Working Mens Club

We’re back for another night at the Bethnel green working men’s club. Hope you can make it along..

As usual everyone is free to join in just get in touch or add your name on the WIKI. (

Line up so far is:

* Rob Munro: (PD video stuff)
* Lea Nicholson: (Supercollider+WiiMote)
* HYLICS: (1.4.2 mad [Nag around several investigations the hallucinations! dataPure)
* Chun Lee: CMOS Noise (sound toys made with CMOS chips)
* Claude Heiland-Allen: KJHF preview (hyperbiblical brainfuck, abstract visual code unfinished as of 6th June, could also talk/explain how it works)
* Yaxu: (Tidal + Acid sketching)
* Asscream: (con(fusion))

* jagernot: (din)