Opennight #8 – Thursday 12th August, The Hackney Rose

The next OpenNight installment takes place at the Hackney rose, 458 Hackney Rd, London, E29EG (

As usual anyone is free to join in and present their works – you can add you name on the WIKI here:

The line-up so far is:

* Rob Atwood – feedback extrodinare
* Ryan Jordan (Sensory Response Systems)
* Rob Munro – Pd video patches w. android control.
* Jonny Stutters
* Claude Heiland-allen: brief history of ‘mandulia’
* xname – Phantasmata
* MCLD – Codebox
* Gerri McEwan : PD Instrument 1

There is a suggested £2 donation on the door to try and help the venue out with their renovations.

Hope to see you there – it’s gonna be a blast….

There is also an FB group if u wanna be updated.