February 2011

OpenNight is ON / HackDay is OFF

There has been a double booking during the day @ the others – the Hackday CANNOT go ahead. I am very sorry, just rang up today to find out when we can get in and it appears there was some misunderstanding (multiple people at the venue involved).

The OpenNight will go ahead as planned from 7pm. If you still want to to a presentation, we can do them at the start before the performances.

So DONT go to the others at 12pm – go there at 7pm.



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OpenLab HackDay and OpenNight 27th Feb, The others

You are cordially invited to join us for the openlab hackday  & openinght on Sunday, 27th Feburary @ the others.
12-6 pm: FLOSS & Android Hackday
The plan at the moment is:
About 12-1p: People who want to can get up and give a brief… outline what they are working on / looking for.

Then in the rest of the time we can intersperse hacking with presentations and discussions as and when people are ready. We could fix a time but i think it might be good to have different breaks during the day.

PRESENTATIONS / HackDay ideas so far::
* Rob Munro : Instruments made with Android VectorPaint? program,
* Øyvind KolÃ¥s: lyd – flexible embeddable audio synthesis engine/language,
* More to come
6:30 pm – 11pm : OpenNight

People performing so far are shown below – but anyone is welcome… just send an email to rrmunro at gmail
* Rob Munro: Some sort of android controller & PD.
* Phil Jones: Zewp! Major Arcana. (Work in progress, drones in openFrameworks + Maximilian audio.)
* Ryan Jordan: diy strobe lights (not even built yet, so maybe do presentation if not made in time)

the venue is here: http://www.theothers.uk.com/

and the WIKI page is here :


So have fun in the meantime and see you there …


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