OpenLab HackDay and OpenNight 27th Feb, The others

You are cordially invited to join us for the openlab hackday  & openinght on Sunday, 27th Feburary @ the others.
12-6 pm: FLOSS & Android Hackday
The plan at the moment is:
About 12-1p: People who want to can get up and give a brief… outline what they are working on / looking for.

Then in the rest of the time we can intersperse hacking with presentations and discussions as and when people are ready. We could fix a time but i think it might be good to have different breaks during the day.

PRESENTATIONS / HackDay ideas so far::
* Rob Munro : Instruments made with Android VectorPaint? program,
* Øyvind KolÃ¥s: lyd – flexible embeddable audio synthesis engine/language,
* More to come
6:30 pm – 11pm : OpenNight

People performing so far are shown below – but anyone is welcome… just send an email to rrmunro at gmail
* Rob Munro: Some sort of android controller & PD.
* Phil Jones: Zewp! Major Arcana. (Work in progress, drones in openFrameworks + Maximilian audio.)
* Ryan Jordan: diy strobe lights (not even built yet, so maybe do presentation if not made in time)

the venue is here:

and the WIKI page is here :

So have fun in the meantime and see you there …