Open (Source) Night Criteria

  1. Software: All work should be re-producible across platforms. Source code is published, and the performer introduces the piece and explains what is used and their aims. Non-open platforms are tolerated where the work is reproducible across platforms.
  2. Hardware is generally fine – but if someone just brings their groovebox (whatever) along then that doesn’t really qualify, but if they hooked it up to Supercollider/PD/Processing/homemade (published & reproducible) software/… then it would.
  3. Homebuilt hardware is definitely fine.
  4. Same for instruments: Just playing the guitar probably doesn’t qualify but hooking it up to effects in supercollider/pd/processing/homemade software/… would. Again software has to be publised & introduced.
  5. For groups, again the reproducibility argument of 1). applies. All members should satisfy the rules.
  6. The more open, the higher priority you get if selection have to be made.