Music & Videos

A load of OpenLab artists performed at Reboot, Area10, Peckham, April 2008

OpenLab’s Cracktux duo playing at Shunt, London Bridge, in June 2007

you can find openlab in action on flickr at our group page

a short video of Cracktux(Oli+Chun) at Shunt (38M) here
a 15 minutes video of the openlab#2 event (93M/AVI) here
a short video of the openlab openday event (23M/AVI) here
a short video of cracktux(oli+chun) performing at london social center (12M/AVI) here
a full audio/visual set of cracktux performing at openlab#1 (232M/AVI) here

a toplap performance at the foundry (nick, alex, dave) here

videos of Rob Munro are here

some music of chun can be found here
a recording of Jonny and James’ openlab#2 set here
compositions by Bobby are here ==> ?
some music of andys project “Gnomadic” can be found here
some music of jag (including jams with rob atwood) can be found here

some of chun’s Pd patchs can be downloaded as tarball here

all material are under either GPL or CC licence