Pawfaliki is a wiki written entirely in 1 file.

It is designed to be easily configured/hacked by anyone with a little experience of php.
Some sites powered by Pawfaliki can be found here.

Pawfaliki is free & open source, licensed under the GPL.

* Easy installation & configuration.
* PageList showing all pages and when they were modified.
* Backup & restore wiki with zlib compression.
* Email page changes.
* RSS feed of modified pages.
* HTML4.01 compliant html generated.
* CSS support for modifying wiki appearance.
* Powerful but simple wiki syntax.
  - Bold, italic & underlined text.
  - Verbatim text.
  - Link to external pages or other wiki pages.
  - Inline images.
  - Coloured text.
  - HTML anchors.
  - Maintains whitespace.
  - Handy syntax info block when editing.
  - Option to enable raw HTML.
* Restricted page access with password protection.
* IP blocking.
* Optional external config file making upgrading easy.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License