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Text on free software, committees and art in goto10's floss+art book.

An article about gamepad livecoding [pdf]. Originally appeared in Die Welt als virtuelles Environment: Birringer, Johannes/Dumke, Thomas/Nicolai, Klaus (eds.) (2007), published by order of TMA Hellerau, Dresden. ISBN: 3-9810247-2-9 Ordering information.

Some slides I presented at scheme uk about scheme livecoding & graphics [pdf].

A system for crowd rendering Siggraph 2006

xmeda A massive publication of articles, interviews and poems including some data on live coding and fluxus.

Realtime non photoreal rendering in fluxus A howto of different rendering styles in OpenGL/fluxus

Live Coding of Graphics (toplap wiki) A history, and development of live artistic algorithm writing.

Live Algorithm Programming and a Temporary Organisation for its Promotion Amy Alexander, Nick Collins, Dave Griffiths, Alex McLean, Fredrik Olofsson, Julian Rohrhuber, Adrian Ward

Evolving Behavioural Animation Systems Selected Papers from the 4th European Conference on Artificial Evolution, David Griffiths, Anargyros Sarafopoulos