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I occasionally teach workshops on scheme programming & computer graphics for artists and non-programmers of all ages.

See the pawfal wiki page for more details.

Fluxus workshop intro [pdf] from LOSS livecode festival, Sheffield

19/11/10 Scheme bricks workshop at Piksel, Bergen.
2/4/10 The first scheme bricks workshop at the lambda festival, Antwerp.
4/3/10 Fluxus workshop at GOTO10 chmod +x art - free software/art festival.
22/09/09 A surprise fluxus openlab london workshop with Evan Raskob.
10-16/8/09 Berlin sommercamp 09, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, plant perception and patabotanical simulations
4/7/09 livecoding/fluxus/plant games hacking workshop at Pickled Feet, Linienstrasse 54, Berlin, starting at 2pm.
06/12/08 Fluxus workshop for 12-17 year olds at Headspace, Swindon Central Library
26/12/08 Fluxus workshop at Goldsmiths Digital Studios
20-22/07/07 LOSS Livecode festival, Sheffield, UK. Fluxus workshop.
21/10/06 Fluxus realtime animation workshop for Folly media arts/Goto10 in Barrow, Cumbria, UK
13/10/06 Piksel06 : Fluxus realtime animation/scheme livecoding workshop, Bergen, Norway
12-17/12/05 realtime animation workshop (fluxus) with Nik Gaffney, part of FoAM's xmedk series of workshops in brussels. pics & scheme matter