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BetaBlocker is a livecoding performance and a piece of software. It's a virtual acid techno machine which is live coded with a gamepad to create code and processes which modify and destroy each other in 256 bytes of memory. The machine's memory and processes are projected and integral to the performance.


BetaBlocker drives ItchyAndScratchy via osc for audio, which can be found here, but if you really want to use this you'd probably be better off rewriting it to send messages to a real program like a pd patch or something in supercollider. To get the joypad input working you'll need to install oscjoy to use as a daemon to send osc messages to fluxus from joystick events. oscjoy is crossplatform, so it should work on OSX too. To send to BetaBlocker, run oscjoy from the commandline. BetaBlocker is written for a Saitek 2600 usb controller. With a little modification (to the mapping defines) it would work with any controller. Synth patches and deciphering the language is left as an exercise for the user :]

Code, textures etc can be found here