Fluxus::Camera Class Reference

#include <Camera.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Camera ()
 ~Camera ()
Renderer interface
bool NeedsInit ()
void DoProjection ()
 Apply the projection matrix to the stack.
void DoCamera ()
 Apply the camera matrix to the stack.
dMatrixGetMatrix ()
void SetMatrix (const dMatrix &m)
dMatrixGetLockedMatrix ()
dMatrix GetProjection ()
float GetUp ()
float GetLeft ()
void LockCamera (Primitive *p)
 Lock the camera to this primitive's position.
void SetCameraLag (float s)
void SetOrtho (bool s)
void SetOrthoZoom (float s)
void SetFrustum (float u, float d, float l, float r)
void SetClip (float f, float b)

Detailed Description

The fluxus camera

Definition at line 27 of file Camera.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Camera::Camera (  ) 

Definition at line 21 of file Camera.cpp.

Camera::~Camera (  ) 

Definition at line 38 of file Camera.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

bool Fluxus::Camera::NeedsInit (  )  [inline]

Whether the camera needs the renderer to reinitialise itself - due to the camera having changed

Definition at line 40 of file Camera.h.

void Camera::DoProjection (  ) 

Apply the projection matrix to the stack.

Definition at line 42 of file Camera.cpp.

void Camera::DoCamera (  ) 

Apply the camera matrix to the stack.

Definition at line 48 of file Camera.cpp.

dMatrix* Fluxus::Camera::GetMatrix (  )  [inline]

Definition at line 52 of file Camera.h.

void Fluxus::Camera::SetMatrix ( const dMatrix m  )  [inline]

Definition at line 53 of file Camera.h.

dMatrix* Fluxus::Camera::GetLockedMatrix (  )  [inline]

Definition at line 54 of file Camera.h.

dMatrix Camera::GetProjection (  ) 

Definition at line 72 of file Camera.cpp.

float Fluxus::Camera::GetUp (  )  [inline]

Definition at line 56 of file Camera.h.

float Fluxus::Camera::GetLeft (  )  [inline]

Definition at line 57 of file Camera.h.

void Camera::LockCamera ( Primitive p  ) 

Lock the camera to this primitive's position.

Definition at line 67 of file Camera.cpp.

void Fluxus::Camera::SetCameraLag ( float  s  )  [inline]

Definition at line 60 of file Camera.h.

void Fluxus::Camera::SetOrtho ( bool  s  )  [inline]

Definition at line 61 of file Camera.h.

void Fluxus::Camera::SetOrthoZoom ( float  s  )  [inline]

Definition at line 62 of file Camera.h.

void Fluxus::Camera::SetFrustum ( float  u,
float  d,
float  l,
float  r 
) [inline]

Definition at line 63 of file Camera.h.

void Fluxus::Camera::SetClip ( float  f,
float  b 
) [inline]

Definition at line 64 of file Camera.h.

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