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A rapid prototyping, livecoding and playing/learning environment for 3D graphics, sound and games. Extends PLT Scheme with graphical commands and can be used within it's own livecoding environment or from within the DrScheme IDE. Builds for Linux (and sometimes OSX), and released under the GPL licence.


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For more recent images, there is a fluxus flickr group.


Fluxus reads live audio, midi or OSC network messages which can be used as a source of animation data for realtime performances or installations. Keyboard or mouse input can also be read for games development, and a physics engine is included for realtime simulations of rigid body dynamics.

The built in scheme code editor runs on top of the renderer (see screenshots), which means you can edit the scripts while they are running. As well as making live coding possible, it's also gives you a very fast feedback way of experimenting or learning about graphics and animation. The core graphics and synthesis engine is written in C++ for speed, and it's high level language is PLT Scheme, chosen for creative flexibility.

You may also be interested in an experimental video texture extension for fluxus availible here.

Tutorial Movies

There are a series of tutorial livecoding movies, to give you some ideas about livecoding strategies using Scheme and fluxus. See the fluxus secrets page

More Information

(online docs)
(tutorial movies)
(mailing list)
(notes from the lab)
(savannah cvs)
(libfluxus api docs)


Building from source is probably the recommended, if long winded way of installing fluxus. Otherwise, see (packages)

(opengl) : rendering
(ode) : physics engine (version 0.5 or above)
(plt scheme) : scripting (version 370 or above)
(fftw) : audio analysis (version 3 or above)
(jack) : audio interface
(libsndfile) : audio files (>=1.0.12)
(liblo) : osc support (>=0.5.0)
(glew) : opengl wrangling (>=1.3.4)

Fluxus also makes use of scons for building, so you'll need to install that first if you haven't already too.


(source 0.15)
(source 0.14)
(source 0.13)
(source 0.12)
(osx binary 0.11)
(source 0.11)
(source 0.10)
(source 0.9)
(osx binary 0.8) : a binary for osx <= 10.4.3

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