Todo List

Global Fluxus::dVector::dist (dVector const &rhs) const

Class Fluxus::LinePrimitive
rename to ribbon?

Global Fluxus::LocatorPrimitive::GetBoundingBox ()
need some way of setting a locator's bounding volume

Global Fluxus::PDataContainer::m_PData
replace with a hashmap?

Global Fluxus::Physics::RegisterRenderer (Renderer *s)
Remove the dependancy on the renderer (use primitive pointers directly etc???)

Global Fluxus::PixelPrimitive::Load (const string &filename)
add a save too

Global Fluxus::PolyPrimitive::CalculateGeometricNormals ()
- need different approach for TRIFAN

Global Fluxus::Primitive::Prerender ()
put other common state things here...

Global Fluxus::Primitive::Hidden ()
would this be better in the scenegraph node? Hidden status - prevents rendering

Global Fluxus::Renderer::Render ()
collapse all these clears into one call with the bitfield

Global Fluxus::SceneGraph::Detach (SceneNode *node)
make the maintain transform optional

Global Fluxus::SkinningPrimFunc::Run (Primitive &prim, const SceneGraph &world)
sort out a proper error messaging thing

Global Fluxus::SkinWeightsToVertColsPrimFunc::Run (Primitive &prim, const SceneGraph &world)
make sure c exists...

Class Fluxus::TextPrimitive
add support for proportional fonts, also rendering ttf would be super...

Global Fluxus::TexturePainter::Get ()
stop this being a singleton...

Global Fluxus::TypedPData::m_Data
add operator[] and make m_Data private

Global Fluxus::RandFloat ()
optimisations! inline, sort out mag/normalise

Global Fluxus::MakeCube (PolyPrimitive *p, float size)
preallocate all these arrays

use glew for this

Namespace Fluxus
rename to Fluxus

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