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7/4/11 betablocker ds touch livecoding premier at 4for8 event at medialab helsinki

26/11/10 Tampere building projections for Tampere Architecture Week Night of Lights.
19/11/10 slub at piksel festival, Bergen
2/10/10 livecoding scheme bricks solo at AltParty, Helsinki.

2/4/10 slub at the Lambda festival, Antwerp.
6/3/10 Me at a placard headphone festival as part of chmod +x art. I'll do my best to warm the crowd up for No Copy Paste and IOhannes Zmolnig.
14/01/10 DISSECTCODE at Kings College Anatomy Museum
16/09/09 slub at Knowledge Futures at Goldsmiths with Leafcutter John, Finn Peters and Yee-King and Spacedog UK.
01/09/09 Livecoding at shunt organised by the din collective
20/09/09 SPACECODE1: Planetarium livecoding with slub and wrongheaded. More info here ('In space, everyone can see your screen', 'Oh my God, it's full of syntax errors', 'It came from out a space bar')

5/8/09 PUBCODE02 19:00-23:00, The Roebuck with chr15m (making machines that make machines that make music) MCLD (beatboxing + livecoding, is it possible?) Yee-King + Click Nilson (algorithmic choreography) openSlub (crowdsourced livecoding)
5/7/09 slub @ General Public (Schonhauser Allee 167c) - where I'll be trying some audience participation gamepad livecoding using al jazari, synced to me on scheme bricks.
29/5/09 PUBCODE at the Roebuck, 50 Great Dover Street with Yee-King (spasmic drumming) slub (ambient skiffle techno) Click Nilson (slurs, arrows, slurring) Pixelpusher vs The Cane Toads (dirty pixel raga) Scott Hewitt (patching things)
10/4/09 slub at STRP as part of the WORM event, alongside Jan Jelinek, Karl Kliem, Gangpol and MIT, Christoph de Babalon. Other artists at STRP include Aphex Twin + Hecker, Laurent Garnier, Squarepusher, Ceefax Acid Crew, Luke Vibert, Speedy J and Venetian Snares.

27/2/09-1/3/09 3 days of livecoding performances, workshops and drinking at the resonance festival, Ghent with Gabor Papp, from No Copy Paste, Graham Coleman, Alex McLean, Fokke de Jong, Antti and Evan Raskob.
21/2/09 slub livecoded visuals at terradisco to the rave sounds of: REMARC (Planet mu)PARASITE (Death$ucker Records )ELY MUFF (Dead Pig / HDFK) KOVERT (Praxis / Critical Noise) ALEX B (Sick n Twisted) STIVS (Life4Land / Death$ucker Records) DJ JIGGY BIGGLES (ILL FM)
21/1/09 slub at Mind Body Brain, a noise=noise event at Goldsmiths Uni, New Cross, including Mick Grierson, Robert Atwood, Disinformation, John Bowers and Liam Wells. More info on the flier.
29/11/08 slub at Make Art festival, Poitiers, France.
4/11/08 Computer Arts Society/MathArt, London Knowledge Lab. A talk on livecoding and a slub performance.
20/9/08 slub at Leplacard, London - cafe OTO, you'll need to bring your own headphones (and 1/4 inch adapters, if you have any).
7/8/08 Immersion, Flea Pit, London
26/7/08 Secret Garden Party festival, Cambridgeshire (at the guerilla science stage) A talk about livecoding and a performance.
18/7/08 Public Life, London - gatecrashing the Supercollider summer school event. 82a Commercial Street, London E1 6LY
5/6/08 Goldsmiths Thursdays Club - Alex and I talking about (and maybe doing some) livecoding.
28/5/08 Scheme UK - a talk on fluxus, livecoding, lots of scheme, and some live demos: 7:00pm at LShift Ltd, Hoxton Point, 1st Floor Office, 6 Rufus Street, London N1 6PE. Map
12/4/08 () RE | BOOT;(ing) area10 with slub, a presentation on fluxus and gamepad livecoding - and lots of other openlab stars. From 7pm - Late. Area 10 Project Space, Peckham, Eagle Wharf, Peckham Square, London SE15 5JT
Photos thanks to Oli and Radoslaw Rudnicki
4/4/08 Live coded sinewave jazz gabba at the Openlab placard headphone session with slub (bring yr own headphones) - proceeds from the event go to the minesweeper boat restoration. Also featuring other Openlab stars:Ed K, Ryan, Robert + Jag + Pixelpusher, Rob M, Claude, Ian K and Chun. The Ivy House Pub, Stuart Road, Nunhead, SE15 3BE
3/4/08 Live scheme programmed audio reactive animation, old school style, at Immersion at The Flea-Pit, London E2. (I get the early slot - from 7.30pm till 8.30)
Photos thanks to Dr Mo
13/3/08 In rand() we trust! with goto10 at Sign, Winschoterkade 10, Groningen. Along with Florian Cramer, Arie Altena, Adger Stokvisch, Aymeric Mansoux, and Marloes de Valk.

Older gigs

24/11/07 Microscope Session :: "Algorithmic Improvisers" Convextion/E.R.P (Matrix Records Detroit) with DS-X.org and Staticthomas, 'Ein kleines Puppenspiel' Live machinima by Friedrich Kirschner, Betablocker and Al Jazari - Gamepad livecoding by Dave Griffiths : Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden, 8pm until 12pm More info.
20-22/07/07 LOSS Livecode festival, Sheffield, UK. Fluxus workshop, Gamepad programming talk, and Slub vs Click Nilson livecoding:

More pics here and movie here.
22/06/07 Slub at shunt, along with Vektormusik, Cracktux, Claudius Maximus, Krgn, Frey and Robert Atwood
08/06/07 Musical robot live coding at the last ever Ravage Me Savagely, at the New Cross Inn.
09/05/07 slub at the Takeaway Festival of DIY media, Dana Centre
05/05/07 More live coded rave automata at the Ravage Me Savagely all dayer at the Birds Nest Deptford (~8.00pm), part of the New Cross Festival. Flier here
30/3/07 Al-Jazari musical robot livecoding at Ravage Me Savagely

(Pic thanks to the Pixel Pusher)
24/2/07 lurk with slub
5/1/07 slub at Ravage me Savagely, New Cross Inn, London


25/11/06 Fave2006 withslub

(Images thanks to Oli)
28/11/06 BetaBlocker livecoding at Ravage me Savagelyat the New Cross Inn.
4/11/06 BetaBlocker performance at OpenLab3 gallery opening

(Images thanks to Evan Raskob and Paul Prudence)
14/10/06 Piksel06 : pattern cascade gig (BetaBlocker debut). Movie shot by samotham.
7-11/8/06 Realtime Audio/Visual Workshop organised by foam in the Belgian wilderness (featuring sheep and harpsichords). Some fluxus code here.
29/4/06 Slubmerged again at threshold
2/4/06 More scheme and perl at openlab 2 with yaxu at the red room, vibe bar, brick lane

stills from movie
1/4/06 Merging with slub at SUM(1,4,6)
18/3/06 Dorkfest with yaxu
20/2/06 Dorkbotlondon showing off fluxus and fastbreeder
24-29/1/06 noise and pixels with yaxu, at make art 2006 poitiers, france (pattern cascade) also a fluxus software presentation.


17/12/05 a fluxus livecoding performance to the sound of Stevie Wishart and her hurdy gurdy - my favorite fluxus gig so far.
10/12/05 openlab openday - workshops, jamming etc
10/9/05 played homemade electronics at the london placard festival, alongside andy edge effect as sanspiral
27/8/05 9 000 000 livecoding visuals to the music of alex mclean and nick collins at the foundry

movie here
20/8/05 fave festival, bristol - pattern cascade
12/8/05 the openlab resonance fm show, with live pattern cascade session
17/6/2005 livecoded the sonar festival with slub (sonarama - fluxus/feedback.pl/pure events gig and toplap presentation)

23/4/2005 livecode/evolve audio gig at the Linux Sound Night during the Linux Audio Conference, Karlsruhe, Germany
1/4/2005 live coding fluxus graphics at openlab #1 with yaxu paxo,oli,acpi,Mattin,Jeremah,slick lister,sonicvariable,and carl & karlos.


14/12/2004 fluxus jam with sonicvariable at the end of the Mute open source workshop, comprising the first openlab event.
25/11/2004 more live sound emission at state51 factory, 8-10 Rhoda St, E2, London along with tablex, klippav, and kapital band 1. see the site for more info.
23/11/2004 lecture at the architecture association on animation, music, art and microcontroller programming.
31/10/2004 live code/evolve performance at AlphaBETA Brighton
25-27/8/2004 livecoded fluxus visuals at the toplap megajam at the runme-dorkbot city camp in Arhus, Denmark

17/7/2004 sound performance at the London Placard Headphone Festival. live recording uploaded here